Playing Hillsborough 1989

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What could be safer?

How many parents that day thought it would be fun to go to a live sporting event, right?


It's a GAME!

Let's go support our team!

Maybe it's the after-math of adoption-issues for me... I don't know, but crowds and carelessness scare the hell out me, especially as it relates to my children.  I don't understand the insanity over sports "enthusiasm".  It's simply looks stupid, and the money invested in it is a crime in foolishness, as far as I'm concerned. 



In a way sports always have something barbaric that is beyond me. I love, whenever I get to it, the physical euforia of playing with a ball, or running around like a madman, but the collective tribal antics of sports fans is something I've never been able to grasp. Would it have something to do with never having had the feeling of belonging?

the terraces were family

the terraces were family orientated. Football over here is, well I was going to equal it to something that could be similar in your country, but my ignorance has come into play, sorry. Footy on a Saturday when I was growing up was like a religion.  There is no enthusiasm to see in the video, only 96 Fathers, sons and daughters being crushed to death, literally, many died on their feet.. They died, not for enthusiasm for a game only the mistake of the police opening the wrong gate. You probably have to be from the UK to understand the football culture here. I was born and grew up in Liverpool and LFC has probably put more into our city than any government and given hope to many of our kids in Liverpool. I am biased I know, but I don't know of any scouser who doesn't think the same, unless there an evertonian of course, but that's another story!

Pound Pup Legacy