West Sands Adoptions

Organization type: Adoption Agency
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Alemayehu Tessema, Dr. RepresentativeEthiopia
Mary Lib MooneyDirector
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West Sands AdoptionsUmbrellas forCarolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency
West Sands AdoptionsMember ofHague Accreditation
West Sands AdoptionsFacilitatesA New Arrival Ethiopia
West Sands AdoptionsMember ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)2008-02-01
West Sands AdoptionsFacilitatesBuilding Arizona FamiliesChina
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Carolina Hope Christian Adoption AgencyUmbrellas forWest Sands Adoptions
China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)AccreditedWest Sands Adoptions
Kingdom Vision International (KVI)FacilitatesWest Sands AdoptionsEthiopia
Utah Department of Human ServicesLicensedWest Sands Adoptions
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West Sands AdoptionsOperates inEthiopia
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List of agencies with missing Russian post placement reports 2009-01-25
Building Arizona Families - China program2009-10-12
Kingdom Vision Adoption webpage2010-07-05


2265 Calanus Circle
St. George, Utah, 84790
United States
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