International Families, Inc. (IFI)

Organization type: Adoption Agency
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International Families, Inc. (IFI)Cooperates withPeace Society: Poor Economy and Children's Education Society
International Families, Inc. (IFI)FacilitatesAll God's Children International India
International Families, Inc. (IFI)Umbrellas forIsland Coast International Adoption (ICIA)India
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All God's Children International Cooperates withInternational Families, Inc. (IFI)
Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA)AccreditedInternational Families, Inc. (IFI)
China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)AccreditedInternational Families, Inc. (IFI)
U.S. State DepartmentAccreditedInternational Families, Inc. (IFI)2008-04-012010-03-31
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International Families, Inc. (IFI)Operates inChina
International Families, Inc. (IFI)Operates inIndia
International Families, Inc. (IFI)Operates inNepal
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Peace Society - IFI and AGCI2009-04-01
IFI IRS-990 20072007-12-31
Behind the facade2005-05-21


5 Thomas Circle, NW
Washington, District Of Columbia, 20005
United States
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