Wasatch International Adoption

Wasatch International Adoption works for US citizens all around the world.
Organization type: Adoption Agency
Website: Wasatch
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Wasatch International AdoptionCooperates withIllien Adoptions International, Inc.Ethiopia
Wasatch International AdoptionMember ofHague Accreditation
Wasatch International AdoptionFacilitatesHands Across the WaterChina
Wasatch International AdoptionSponsor ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
Wasatch International AdoptionFacilitatesDillon SouthwestChina
Wasatch International AdoptionFacilitatesDeColores Adoptions InternationalChina
Wasatch International AdoptionMember ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
Wasatch International AdoptionOrganizesSecond Chance For Kids Program
Wasatch International AdoptionFacilitatesNightlight Christian Adoption China
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China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)AccreditedWasatch International Adoption
Comitetului pentru Infiere a Moldovei (The Moldovan Adoption Committee) AccreditedWasatch International Adoption
Foyer de Sion, HaitiFacilitatesWasatch International AdoptionHaiti
Illien Adoptions International, Inc.FacilitatesWasatch International AdoptionEthiopia
U.S. State DepartmentAccreditedWasatch International Adoption2008-04-012013-03-31
Utah Department of Human ServicesLicensedWasatch International Adoption
Department of International Adoptions, VietnamAccreditedWasatch International Adoption
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Wasatch International AdoptionOperates inPhu Tho2008-09-01
Wasatch International AdoptionOperates inTaiwan
Wasatch International AdoptionOperates inEthiopia
Wasatch International AdoptionOperates inGuatemala2008-01-01
Wasatch International AdoptionOperates inKazakhstan
Wasatch International AdoptionOperates inBulgaria
Wasatch International AdoptionOperates inChina
Wasatch International AdoptionOperates inDemocratic Republic of The Congo
Wasatch International AdoptionOperates inHaiti2008-09-01
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this organization played.
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Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) - child trafficking caseAdoption agency


3755 Washington Blvd Suite 300
Ogden, Utah, 84403
United States
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