Focus on Children Utah

Although incorporated separately, this agency is effectively the same as Focus on Children, Wyoming.

Membership of the JCICS was terminated following adoption fraud case with Samoa.
Organization type: Adoption Agency
Terminated: 2007-09-05
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SapatiFacilitator for
Dan WakefieldFacilitator for2002-01-012004-12-31
Anna DvoretskiyBoard member2004-01-01
Karen BanksPresident
Danalee (Knouse) ThornockSecretary
Scott BanksRegistrant of2003-05-12
Jennifer Mowery, LCSWSubcontractor of
Karen BanksFounder of
Yuri York aka William YorkFacilitator for
Scott BanksFounder of
Jaclyn Thornock GaddEmployed by
Danalee (Knouse) ThornockDirector1994-00-00
Martyin KonovFacilitator for
Amy ThornockFacilitator for
Dellory MatthewsEmployed by
Karalee ThornockFacilitator for
Robert SkillmanBoard member
Coleen BartlettFacilitator for
Patrick Fepulea'iRepresentative1999-00-00
Ameperosa RomaRepresentative
Ming Leung WaiRepresentative
Semi Leung WaiRepresentative
Moanna ThunkenFacilitator forAmerican Samoa
Martin B. KonovFacilitator forBulgaria
Adam WangFacilitator forChina
Juanita PerezFacilitator forGuatemala
Lana ArnoldEmployed byKazakhstan
Yakov Dvoretsky aka Jakov DvoretskiyFacilitator forKazakhstan2004-01-01
Vladimir NechiporovFacilitator forRussian Federation
Uri SkrypnichenkoFacilitator forUkraine
Lena SkrypnichenkoFacilitator forUkraine
My Linh SolandFacilitator forVietnam
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Focus on Children UtahCooperates withFocus on Children, Wyoming branch
Focus on Children UtahOwner ofFOC nanny house in Letogo
Focus on Children UtahMember ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)2006-01-01
Focus on Children UtahOwner ofFOC nanny house in Ululoloa
Focus on Children UtahSupplied loan forTranscend International, Inc2003-12-31
Focus on Children UtahCooperates withA New Arrival Kazakhstan
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Organization_1AsOrganization_2Countrysort iconFromTo
Project FaithFacilitatesFocus on Children Utah1999-01-012000-01-01
Fepulea'i and Schuster Law OfficesCooperates withFocus on Children Utah
International Adoption Resource (FL)Cooperates withFocus on Children Utah2002-12-31
AMREXFacilitatesFocus on Children Utah
Transcend International, IncFacilitatesFocus on Children Utah1999-01-01
New Beginnings Inc. (MS)Cooperates withFocus on Children Utah2003-01-01
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Focus on Children UtahOperates inBrazil
Focus on Children UtahOperates inBulgaria
Focus on Children UtahOperates inChina
Focus on Children UtahOperates inGuatemala
Focus on Children UtahOperates inHaiti
Focus on Children UtahOperates inKazakhstan
Focus on Children UtahOperates inMarshall Islands
Focus on Children UtahOperates inMongolia
Focus on Children UtahOperates inRussian Federation
Focus on Children UtahOperates inSamoa
Focus on Children UtahOperates inUkraine
Focus on Children UtahOperates inVietnam2005-01-01
News paper articles, official documents and reports filed about this organization
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Adoptive Parent checklist
Do You Understand Checklist
Adoptive parent application
Steps for Processing Adoption
Birth parent relinquishment form
Points of Emphasis to be used when talking to birth parents
FOC Wyoming SOS and original board?1994-12-27
Transcend International - corp documents in Wyoming1999-02-25
FOC IRS-990 19991999-12-31
Public Complaint sent to The Adoption Guide2000-00-00
Complaint sent to The Adoption Guide2001-00-00
Transcend is Registered in Utah2001-11-13
Jen Piedra public response to Danalee Thornock2003-04-00
Focus on Children - 2 locations one website2003-08-12
FOC IRS-990 2002, 20032003-12-31
Letter from Dr. Robert Skillman to Dan Wakefield2004-00-00
Davis Family's webpage FOC warning2004-04-01
Samoan adoptions raise eyebrows 2004-08-14
FOC IRS-990 20042004-12-31
Scott Banks emails regarding birthparent affidavits2005-04-15
Death prompts Samoan adoption change 2005-06-25
[duplicate to delete] Death prompts Samoan adoption change2005-06-27
[duplicate to delete] A Brief Outline of Customary Child Adoption Practices in Samoa [duplicate to delete]2005-09-01
INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; A South Pacific Perspective2005-09-01
Letter from Terry Bourke regarding Samoan Adoptions and the Death of Heta2005-10-11
FOC IRS-990 20052005-12-31
FOC IRS-990 20062006-12-31
Feds uncover adoption scheme that targeted Samoan children2007-02-03
Utah adoption agency hit by fraud allegations 2007-03-02
A community in shock 2007-03-03
Claims about 'orphans' key in shady adoptions 2007-03-03
Baby Selling Scheme video2007-03-05
Adoptive parents anxious 2007-03-06
Samoan attorney terms adoption charges 'rubbish' 2007-03-07
On sale 2007-03-09
Embassy grilled on adoption scandal2007-03-11
Families share adoption woes 2007-03-13
Samoan leader discusses adoption 2007-03-14
Samoan lawyer defends adoptions 2007-03-17
Defense presses for gag order 2007-04-11
FOC Utah SOS corporation expires 5/12/072007-05-12
False promises: How parents and prosecutors contend families in two countries were duped 2007-06-14
Out of Samoa: How adoption laws work 2007-06-14
Daughter's history a lie2007-06-17
Dreams of parents in two worlds shattered by scandal 2007-06-17
Trusting dad gives kids away; Son promises to return2007-06-17
Tot dies after stay at nanny house2007-06-17
Watching for red flags2007-06-18
Teen ranch evades law [FOC operated 2.5 yrs in Utah without a license]2007-07-16
Conspiracy alleged in adopting Samoan kids 2007-09-05
Tangled adoption suit heads to trial2007-10-30
Utah couple embroiled in adoption scandal say Samoan attorneys can exonerate them2007-12-28
Little girl stays here - for now 2008-02-01
Utah adoption agency figures sued for custody of girl, 3, adopted from China2008-02-15
No winners in Samoan adoption scandal2008-10-18
Utah couple won't give up proof of kids' identities2008-11-10
Samoan Adoptions: Faiupu Family2009-01-01
USDOJ Sentencing Memo2009-01-01
Defendants in Samoan adoption scandal to plead guilty Tuesday2009-01-05
Adoption scam defendants cut no-jail-time plea deal 2009-01-06
Adoption-scam defendants cut no-jail-time deal: Samoan kids ? Adoptive parents disappointed with probation sentence. 2009-01-07
Supporters speak: 'They gave me the most amazing gift'2009-01-07
Samoan Adoptions: Nua Family 2009-01-07
Adoption scandal has prompted only minor changes2009-02-14
Samoan adoption scandal fuels call for reform2009-02-16
Sentencing delayed for defendant in Samoan adoption case2009-02-18
Moms make most of chance to reconnect2009-02-24
U.S. v Focus on Children, et al Sentencing Press Release2009-02-25
Judge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time2009-02-25
Adoptive parents feel betrayed 2009-02-25
Four Sentenced in Scheme to 'Adopt' Samoan Kids2009-02-26
Patti Sawyer’s family is in jeopardy. 2009-02-26
Owners of agency at centre of Samoan adoption scam avoid jail2009-02-27
Federal judge says Samoan adoption defendants don't need prison2009-02-27
Police complete probe into adoption scam 2009-03-02
Adopted girl coming home 2009-03-21
Father hears daughter after five years 2009-03-23
Prosecutors seeking at least $108,000 in Samoan adoption case2009-06-15
A Dad's Adoption Nightmare2009-06-22
Defendants in Samoan adoption case must pay $100,000 to trust fund2009-07-16
In the matter of the adoption of Amelya Frances Kirkpatrick - Deposition upon oral examination of Dan Wakefield2009-09-18
Brett Tolman resigning as U.S. attorney2009-10-15
Letter of Tim and Janise Crumpler2009-10-29
In the Matter of the Adoption of Amelya Frances Kirkpatrick: Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law2010-02-11
Abuse cases
Abuse cases of children while in placement and the role this organization played in their placement
Titlesort iconRole
Heta NuaPlacement agency
Maria Anastasia Bennett (Anastasia Plotnikova)Placement agency


65 East 600 North
Wellsville, Utah, 84339
United States
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