Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.

Organization type: Adoption Agency
Founded: 1995-08-29
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Val FreeExecutive Director
Richard LotspiechPresident
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Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Member ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
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Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Nepal
Thai Red Cross Children HomeFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Thailand
Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Haiti
Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Ethiopia
China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)AccreditedHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.
Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Mexico
Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Ukraine
Heartsent Adoptions (Southern California)Local office ofHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.
Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Peru
Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Kazakhstan
International Mission of Hope - Vietnam (IMHV)FacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Vietnam
Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Sierra Leone
Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.Philippines
Heartsent adoptions (Sacramento Area)Local office ofHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.
Unknown agencyFacilitatesHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.India
U.S. State DepartmentAccreditedHeartsent Adoptions, Inc.2008-04-012013-03-31
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Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Operates inGuatemala2008-01-01
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromEthiopia
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromPhilippines
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Performs domestic adoptions inCalifornia
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromUkraine
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Operates inChina
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromNepal
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Operates inThailand
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromPeru
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Operates inTaiwan
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromHaiti
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromKazakhstan
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromSierra Leone
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Operates inKyrgyzstan2009-02-02
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromMexico
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Operates inVietnam2008-09-01
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromIndia
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Operates inBulgaria
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.Places children fromRepublic of Korea (South Korea)
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Acres of Hope statement2010-02-23
Abuse cases
Abuse cases of children while in placement and the role this organization played in their placement
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Lydia and Zariah SchatzPost placement agency
Lydia and Zariah SchatzHomestudy agency


40 Brookwood Rd, Suite 100
Orinda, California, 94563
United States
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