Pater Delooz set up The Joy Sowers

Father Delooz

During the early days, i.e in 1940’s, Adoption was not so well known, popular or accepted in India or in the local society. Adoption was mainly done as a customary rite amongst the Hindus, which was done between two Hindu families, for religious and pious obligations, especially for the perpetration of one’s lineage. During this period the inmates of Sisu Bhavan, were looked after, cared and protected in the Institution itself. It was from 1971 that the children of Sisu Bhavan, were started to be placed inter-country  adoption, that is placing of Indian children with foreign nationals. Initially children were placed to persons hailing from Belgium, through a foreign sponsoring agency named `Joy Sowers’. With a few years, the inter-country adoptions became popular, and children from the Institution started being placed in all almost all parts of the world, especially to the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, U.S.A. etc. By the mid eighties adoption of children from India, gained momentum and acceptance amongst the people from different parts of the world. Unfortunately there were no statutory laws or guidelines to be followed or practised in adopting a child. Each State, Court and bodies used to adopt their own methods to give a child in adoption.

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