Adoptee Rights

Adoptee Rights believes that EVERY adoptee should have unencumbered access to information about his or her identity, including access to his or her original birth certificate, medical records, and social history. Adoptee Rights believes that limits on such access are a violation of a person's basic human rights, and that equality demands that adult adoptees be afforded the same freedom of access granted to every other American citizen today regardless of what country they were born in and adopted from.

Adoptee Rights does not support the private adoption industry in the United States and  don't believe in the uneccessary separation of families, nor do they support agencies attempting to meet infant quotas (ie the bringing in of mothers to surrender their children in order to fullfill the demand of white newborns from couples seeking to adopt.) Nor do they support the racial financial barriers created by the industry which puts different dollar amounts on children available for adoption, depending on their age and race.

Until unlimited equal access to all of our records is granted to adoptees, until racial barriers in adoption are non existant, until private adoption agencies cease to exist, Adoptee Rights will be here changing the laws which bind, and working towards equality for all adopted people.

Adoptee Rights advocates the rights of children and believes all children are created equal and should be treated equal by the Industry of Adoption in the United States of America and through out the world.

Adoptee Rights supports the Child Rights Treaty of the United Nations and urge the United States of America to enforce this treaty and abide by its laws as all other countries in the world except Somalia do.

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