American International Adoption Agency

Lucile Logan, Executive Director...

Lucile graduated from The Ohio State University and received her Master's Degree at Youngstown State University.
She taught kindergarten for thirty years.

Lucile takes great pride as the Executive Director of American International Adoption Agency. She has been the Executive Director since the beginning. Her many years of teaching certainly helps carry over when working with her social workers in educating as to the foundation of adoption.
American International Adoption Agency is a 501(c)(3) based on education. We take this very seriously, it is up to American International Adoption Agency and its workers to help prospective adoptive parents with realistic expectations and the tools to seek help when needed.

American International Adoption Agency has been providing home studies services for the past ten years.

A wall of pictures shows Lucile's seven children, a dozen grandchildren and umpteen great grandchildren, who often gather at grandma's for play or story time. Lucile enjoys traveling, entertaining, gardening, painting, making quilts and collecting antiques. Lucile is also a published author.
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American International Adoption Agency Cooperates withEuropean Adoption Consultants (EAC)
American International Adoption Agency Member ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)2008-02-01
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7045 County Line Road
Williamsfield, Ohio, 44093
United States
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