Adoption Center of Washington

Organization type: Adoption Agency
Founded: 1992-08-31
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Adoption Center of WashingtonSponsor ofPhan Thiet orphanage2005-01-01
Adoption Center of WashingtonSponsor ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
Adoption Center of WashingtonMember ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
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Asian Orphans of HopeFacilitatesAdoption Center of WashingtonVietnam
China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)AccreditedAdoption Center of Washington
Franklin Adoption CenterRenamed intoAdoption Center of Washington1993-09-00
Ministry of Education in the Russian FederationAccreditedAdoption Center of Washington
Unknown agencyFacilitatesAdoption Center of WashingtonChina
U.S. State DepartmentAccreditedAdoption Center of Washington2008-04-012013-03-31
Department of International Adoptions, VietnamAccreditedAdoption Center of Washington
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Adoption Center of WashingtonOperates inRussian Federation
Adoption Center of WashingtonOperates inVietnam2008-09-01
Adoption Center of WashingtonPlaces children fromChina
Adoption Center of WashingtonOperates inGuatemala2008-01-01
Adoption Center of WashingtonOperates inKazakhstan2008-03-21
Adoption Center of WashingtonOperates inUkraine
Adoption Center of WashingtonOperates inBinh Thuan2008-09-01
Adoption Center of WashingtonOperates inBinh Duong2008-09-01
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this organization played.
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Vietnam - Asian Orphans of Hope caseAdoption agency


100 Daingerfield Road
Alexandria, Virginia, 22314
United States
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