Email to Member of the European Parliament Eva Joly - child trafficking for adoption

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Roelie Post
8 July 2015

to eva.joly
Dear Mrs. Joly,

I watched the Green's event on whistleblowers online. And saw how you tried to keep the question about my situation away from Julian Assange and Sarah Harrison. And how you prevented Ana Maria Gomes from being given the floor.
I also heard you were reluctant, very very reluctant, to accept my book. And I wonder why?

Does it has to do with the fact that your former colleague MEP Cohn-Bendit lend a listening ear to the "adoption lobby"? I can hardly imagine... By the way, it is said in the below mail that M. Cohn-Bendit knows me. Well, I certainly don't know him. So he might know "about" me, but he does not know me in person.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I admire your work. And somehow still had my hopes on you as a last option in case all would go wrong. I thought your lack of reply in 2009 was just because you were very busy, and still hope that was the case.

All is going wrong now, and the European Commission is now pushing to get me into invalidity, declare me as incapacitated. Medicalising my case, as is so often done with "fonctionnaires" when wanting to get rid of whistleblowers. Because that's what I am, a whistleblower, although I never took that formal title and remain a Commission "fonctionnaire".

I just reread the book you wrote, "les héros ordinaires", which a French friend of mine gave to me some years ago. She is member of your political party. Here some of your lines that caught my eye:

- When I opened Pandora's box of the financial affairs, almost 20 years ago, my world was shaken.

- In Paris, I longtime explored the world from my Magistrate office. The files of financial crime were like scanners of society. Everything was there, in those columns of numbers, immense tables on diversion of funds, but even more in the testimonials that spoke about the impunity, the cynism and the intimidation.

- [example Italy roberto saviano] - in hiding since writing about mafia: what is at work is the culprit link between capitalism, mafia and corruption.

- [about Bulgarian mafia] Those who want to turn their eyes away are wrong.

- these ordinary heros, I know their anger, their fragility in face of their dossier which obsesses them day and night, incommunicable, and what seperates them from those around them. ... Those close [les proches], are the weakest point.

Yes, I unfortunately opened Pandora's box. I am in hiding. The link between capitalism, mafia and corruption brought me down. And everyone looks away. And yes, by now I feel fragile. Very fragile.

I kindly ask you for support.

Warm regards,

Roelie Post

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From: ="smalltype">Von:Karen Husemann
Received: Mo Jul 05, 2010 4:26
Subject: Re: Betrifft: [Äthiopienforum] - LOBBY

Liebe Anke, lieber Jörg, liebes Forum,

danke für die interessanten Literaturhinweise, sie sind lesenswert.

Ich habe mit unserem Freund Dany Cohn-Bendit (Grüner EU-
Parlamentarier Frankreichs) über das Thema Auslandsadoption (AA)
gesprochen, und er ist bereit und interessiert unsere Diskussion,
soweit das hilfreich sein kann, zu begleiten. Er selber hat eine
fundierte, konstruktiv-kritische Haltung zum Thema AA. Er kennt Roeli
Post und die Debatte ums Thema und bittet uns, sobald wir unser
Dossier/Konzept erstellt haben, es an ihn weiterzuleiten. Angepeilt
habe ich mit ihm, dass wir Mitte August etwas schicken. Anke, was
sagst du dazu?

Die mail an kuw habe ich am Sa. gesandt.

Und Anke: Vielen Dank, dass du bereit bist dich (neben Allem anderen)
so intensiv mit dem Thema zu befassen!


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