Convicted Dothan Child Killer Seeks New Trial

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Date: 2013-03-23

A woman convicted and sentenced to death for the death of her two year old daughter is hoping the judge that presided over her trial will reconsider.

Attorneys for Patricia Blackmon argued Tuesday in court their client deserves to be taken off death row and should receive a new trial. In a court filing, they cite several factors including ineffective counsel.

Blackmon, now 43, was arrested in 1999 for the beating death of her 28-month old adopted child, Dominiqua Bryant.

Testimony revealed doctors examined the toddler and found that she had multiple bruises and contusions. The young victim also reportedly had an imprint of the shoe sole on her chest as well as scars from injuries believed to have been sustained earlier.

Specifically, attorneys argue that Blackmon's attorneys failed to perform an adequate investigation, failed to challenge evidence, did not contact critical witnesses, and failed to object to improper evidence. They also claim that Blackmon's attorney at the 2002 trial "forgot to give an opening argument."

Circuit Judge Larry Anderson, who sentenced Blackmon, heard several hours of testimony Tuesday. The hearing will resume at a later date.

Other efforts by Blackmon to receive a new trial have not been successful.

Blackmon is one of four women on death row in Alabama. Both she and Tierra Gobble, also convicted for a child's death, are from Houston County.


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