For The Children (letter to the Morning Call)

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Date: 1985-06-20

To the Editor:

Re: Couple plead guilty in adopted boy's death, The Morning Call, June 18.

A 4-year-old boy was beaten to a slow and painful death by his two adult guardians who whipped his exposed buttocks with a belt which snapped halfway around his naked body.

Little Carlos Beltran was beaten, bruised, struck in the face repeatedly and left alone to die because he inconvenienced his guardians with vomiting and poor potty training.

The beatings had gone on for several months. The fatal blow was so violent that it ripped the boy's bowel membrane, causing internal bleeding and fecal spillage.

Judge Horace A. Davenport of Montgomery County slapped 36-year-old Christine Moyer on the wrist with two years' probation. Judge Davenport told 33-year-old Peter Moyer, "My heart bleeds for you," as he sentenced him to one to five years in Camp Hill for the unconscionable murder of an innocent child.

Judge Davenport, my heart does not bleed for the Moyers, and my heart does not bleed for you. I know people who served more time for smoking pot.

My heart bleeds for 4-year-old Scott Beltran and other abused children. Judge Davenport's sentencing says child abuse and brutal murder of defenseless children are not really serious crimes.

I will not stand with you in this contention. I will stand for the children. I hope that you will stand with me.

Christopher Cross



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