Cynthia Hudson conviction, life without parole sentence overturned

Date: 2012-05-11

New trial ordered by appeals court

By: Lynn LaRowe - Texarkana Gazette

The capital murder conviction and sentence of life without parole of Cynthia Hudson has been overturned by the Sixth District Court of Appeals in Texarkana and sent back to Cass County, Texas, for a new trial.

Hudson was found guilty in December 2010 of beating 13-year-old Samuel Hudson to death while his hands and feet were bound with plastic zip ties. Samuel was one of six children living in the Hudson’s Queen City home who had been adopted from foster care.

In an opinion handed down today, the court of appeals reverses Hudson’s conviction and remands the case for a new trial because the jury was not given the option of convicting Hudson of manslaughter. The opinion does note that the evidence at trial was sufficient for a jury to find Hudson guilty of capital murder.

The higher court ruled that the jury might have found Hudson guilty of manslaughter if given the choice. Such a conviction would mean she recklessly caused Samuel’s death but did not intend to kill him.


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