Former Employee Says Harrises Attempted to Pray Demons Out of Kids

Date: 2015-03-11

By Lauren Conley

WEST FORK -- One former employee of Growing God's Kingdom says the Harrises didn't just believe their adopted kids were possessed, but they also believed students at the school possessed demons as well.

The former employee and mother of a student at the school wants to be named only as Amber. She says Justin and Marsha Harris would often try to pray the demons out of misbehaving students at their pre-school, Growing God's Kingdom.

"If they got in too much trouble they would pray on the kids, do a circle around them, put their hands on their heads, saying, trying to rebuke demons." Said former employee, Amber.

Amber was an employee at Growing God's Kingdom for about five months in 2013. She says Justin Harris fired her after a difference in opinion on how to discipline students. Though she says she learned a lot about the Harris family during those five months.

"How did you learn about the fact that they were praying demons out of kids?" Lauren Conley asked Amber.

"Well, I had another teacher there that had me take a child down to the office and whenever I did, they did it right there in front of me." Said Amber.

Amber says she met the two youngest adopted girls while teaching at the pre-school.

"They were adorable. I never seen too many issues with them." Said Amber.

"So, Marsha spoke to you though about saying she thought both of those girls had demons?" Lauren asked Amber.

"Yes." Replied, Amber.

Despite being fired and questioning some of the Harrises behavior, Amber's 3 year old son remained a student at Growing God's Kingdom until Wednesday.

"With all this going on, I think it's too much for him right now. I just don't feel comfortable with him being there." Said Amber.

Employees at the pre-school wouldn't answer questions Wednesday afternoon.

One parent who spoke with KNWA says he and his wife are happy with the school.

"It's great for preschool, they teach them about the bible and stuff like that too, which I think is really important." Said Cody Buchanan, Dad.

While Amber is one of a few parents removing their kids from the school, many say they don't believe the controversy with the Harris family affects the pre-school.


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