Christopher Vietri (Baby Sam case)

Christopher Vietri was the biological father of Sam. He was told the baby was still born, shortly after the mother had placed the child for adoption. Vietri sought custody of the boy. A settlement was eventually reached where Vietri was allowed four supervised visits per year. He was required to pay $200 a month in child support.
Date: 1996-04-10
Organizations involved: Adoptions by Choice (ABC) (Florida)
Persons involved: Gregory Boyer
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Sam's father asks court to retain ruling on custody2000-12-19
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Lawyer says child should stay where he is2000-12-05
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Baby Sam: A story of rights, but whose?2000-11-21
Court rules family must turn over 'Baby Sam'2000-11-19
Baby Sam's father sues adoption agency1998-09-05
Adoptive parents win custody of 'Baby Sam'1998-04-29

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