MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)

Organization type: Adoption Agency
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MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)FacilitatesCatholic Social Services (Diocese of Fall River)
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)FacilitatesFamily Connections Christian Adoptions
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Member ofNational Council for Adoption (NCFA)
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Umbrellas forSunny Ridge Family CenterRussian Federation
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Member ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)FacilitatesCatholic Charities of BaltimoreIndia
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Participates inThe CoMission for Children at Risk
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Umbrellas forHope Cottage, Inc.Russian Federation
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)FacilitatesSunny Ridge Family CenterKazakhstan2009-03-31
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Provided grant toChina Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)2006-08-09
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Umbrellas forCatholic Charities of BaltimoreRussian Federation
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Sponsor ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)
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Bal Mandir, NepalFacilitatesMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Nepal
Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA)AccreditedMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)
China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)AccreditedMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)
Copiii Fericiti (Happy Children)FacilitatesMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)
Degenhardt FoundationCooperates withMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)
Ministry of Education in the Russian FederationAccreditedMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)
Preet MandirFacilitatesMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)India
Romanian Adoption CommitteeAccreditedMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)
U.S. Federal Emergency Shelter Grants ProgramProvided grant toMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)
U.S. State DepartmentAccreditedMAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)2008-04-012012-10-31
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MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Operates inChina
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Operates inRussian Federation
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Operates inIndia
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Operates inKazakhstan
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Operates inNepal
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services)Operates inMaine
News paper articles, official documents and reports filed about this organization
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Sierra Leone parents support adoption inquiry2012-05-08
Sierra Leone: Adoptive Mother Speaks Out2010-06-18
Sierra Leone parents seek answers in adoption case 2010-06-03
Child Adoption Saga - Parents Demand Children's Return2010-05-19
Catholic Social Services (Diocese of Fall River) - International program2009-11-15
S Leone fury at 'forced adoption' 2009-11-04
150 Kids Missing - HANCI Implicated2009-10-29
Sunny Ridge Family Center - Russian program2009-10-21
Sunny Ridge Family Center - Kazakhstan program2009-10-21
Family Connections Christian Adoptions - Liaison agencies2009-10-14
“HANCI sold our children abroad” angry parents claim2009-10-09
Russian Adoption Expert to Visit Portland Agency2009-05-12
Sierra Leone: HANCI Denies Claims2008-11-28
Child Trafficking: Parents accuse HANCI2008-11-26
MAPS Nepal Program with Bal Mandir2008-11-24
Adoption Sierra Leone2005-02-24
ADOPTION investigation involves Maine agency2004-09-02
Police Dismantle Child Trafficking Syndicate2004-09-01
Aid workers smuggle kids2004-08-27
MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services) - IRS 990 forms
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this organization played.
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Sierra Leone - HANCI caseAdoption agency


277 Congress St
Portland, Maine, 04101
United States
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