Friend of Parker: Reporting her to police ‘tough’

Date: 2014-04-03

By Chris Woodard

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (KOIN) — The woman who reported the mother accused of medical child abuse to police said she was her friend and found the whole situation “extremely tough.”

Tiffany Reed said she met Kate Parker, who is now in jail on charges of medical child abuse, several years ago in an online support group after Parker reached out to her, saying her child had the same medical condition as Reed’s son.

Reed told KOIN 6 News her son has chiari, a brain malformation.

Reed said her family donated all the money they had saved for summer vacation to Parker one year, but in 2012, when Parker said her child was dying, Reed and her family went down to visit.

Reed said the behaviors between Parker and her child did not add up when she visited, so she reported Parker to authorities and shared the details of that visit when she appeared before the grand jury.

“For me, it was extremely tough. My number one priority was that the kids remain safe and get justice,” said Reed. “But at the same time, Kate was my friend and I still care about Kate and I don’t know what changed in her.”

As for the money she donated to Parker, Reed said she has no desire to get it back, explaining the most important thing now is the health of the children.


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