Abuse Allegation in Wanda Sue Larson's Past

Date: 2014-03-11

by Morgan Fogarty

MONROE, N.C. - WCCB has obtained a document from the state of Alaska that indicates a patient filed a complaint of abuse against Wanda Sue Erdmann, aka Wanda Sue Larson, in 1989. The document is heavily redacted. It does reveal that Larson was interviewed by medical board investigators April 26, 1990.
It reads that it was her idea to voluntarily surrender her nursing license.

Larson resigned a few days later and signed a document acknowledging there was an active investigation underway. Larson did not seek legal advice.

WCCB also obtained a copy of a disciplinary report form from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. In the section titled "misconduct" the "other" box is checked with further detail that reads "was under investigation and Ms. Edrmann surrendered her license rather than see investigation continued."

Wanda Sue got divorced not long after and returned to her maiden name, Larson. It's not clear when she left Alaska for North Carolina. She is currently charged with several counts of extreme child abuse. Five children in her care were removed from her Union County home in November.

Union County officials have told us they didn't know about Larson's nursing license surrender when they hired her in 2003. We asked if DSS performed background or reference checks on Larson. Their answer was that confirming if they did—or didn't—was protected under state law.

We're working to learn more about that allegation of patient abuse in Alaska. Because of the amount of time that's passed, many of the records have been destroyed.


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