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From: GRUDEN Matjaz
Date: 22 February 2008 12:22
Subject: RE: Reply to your mail to CoE Deputy Secretary General
To: Roelie Post

With regard to the Council of Europe none. Mrs de Boer Buquicchio expressed her personal support for the initiative, even though she made it clear that its content corresponds to the CoE position. As to the press conference itself, it was organised by our colleagues in the EP and we had not been involved in the decisions on its format or participants.


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From: Roelie Post []
Sent: Friday 22 February 2008 12:15
To: GRUDEN Matjaz
Subject: Re: Reply to your mail to CoE Deputy Secretary General

Thank you for your reply.

I am left with one question:

What is the formal status of the joint declaration of 19/2/2008
What was the reason for Mr. De Combret's participation

Roelie Post

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