H.R. 3192: Pregnant Women Support Act

Full title:
To provide for programs that reduce the need for abortion, help women bear healthy children, and support new parents.

Pregnant Women Support Act - Allows the Secretary of Health and Human Services, acting through the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to make grants to states for collecting and reporting abortion surveillance data.

Requires health facilities that perform abortions to obtained informed consent from a pregnant woman seeking an abortion.

Amends title XXI (State Children's Health Insurance Program) (SCHIP) of the Social Security Act to allow states to extend health care coverage to an unborn child.

Amends the Public Health Service Act to prohibit a health insurance issuer offering individual coverage from imposing a preexisting condition exclusion or a waiting period or otherwise discriminating against a woman on the basis that she is pregnant.

Allows the Secretary to make grants for the purchase of ultrasound equipment for examinations of pregnant women.

Provides for the collection and dissemination of information on Down syndrome and other prenatally diagnosed conditions.

Provides for services to pregnant women who are victims of domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking. Requires states to require a pregnancy determination for homicide victims.

Requires the Secretary to make grants to increase public awareness of resources available to pregnant women and new parents.

Allows the Secretary to make grants to public institutions of higher education to establish and operate pregnant and parenting student services offices.

Requires the Secretary to provide for programs to work with pregnant or parenting teens to complete high school.

Requires group homes for pregnant and parenting women to provide counseling on adoption and parenting skills.

Amends the Internal Revenue Code to increase and make refundable the tax credit for adoption expenses.

Amends the Food Stamp Act of 1977 to increase the eligibility threshold for food stamps.
Founded: 2007-07-26
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