American Academy of Adoption Attorneys

The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys is a national association of approximately 330 attorneys who practice, or have otherwise distinguished themselves, in the field of adoption law. The Academy's work includes promoting the reform of adoption laws and disseminating information on ethical adoption practices. The Academy publishes a newsletter, holds annual meetings, and hosts educational seminars.

Founded: 1990-05-01
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Larry S JenkinsMember2003-02-01
Lauran F. HowardMember1999-02-01
Eugene T. KelleyMember1992-02-01
Dale R. JohnsonMember1990-03-05
Michele ZavosMember2005-04-01
Rodney M. PooleMember1990-05-01
James Fletcher ThompsonMember1993-04-01
Stephen W. HayesMember1990-10-01
Stanton E. PhillipsMember1990-05-01
Frederick J. MagovernMember1990-05-01
Mark M. DemarayMember1991-04-01
Judith Sperling-NewtonMember1990-10-01
Karen R. LaneMember1990-05-01
Albert G. LirhusMember1992-10-01
Lisa L CollinsMember1998-11-01
Mary Ann PetrilloMember1998-02-01
David Allen BarnetteMember1995-02-01
David P. BroomeMember1992-04-01
James B. OutmanMember2002-10-01
Michael ShorsteinMember1993-04-01
John R. GreeneMember2000-11-01
Jenny L. WomackMember2004-06-01
Irene SteffasMember1993-04-01
Donald C. CofskyMember1996-10-01
Allan A. HazlettMember1991-10-01
Steven B. SacharowMember1993-01-01
Susan H. RomerMember1998-02-01
Elizabeth BartholetMember1992-01-01
Alfred E. BarrusMember1996-06-01
Herbert A. BrailMember1991-06-01
Mark T. McDermottMember1990-05-01
Steven M. KirshMember1990-05-01
Clifford L. GreenbergMember2013-01-01
Barbara BadoMember1993-04-01
Mary BeckMember1995-02-01
Carla M CalabreseMember1997-03-01
Rita A. MeiserMember1990-05-01
David J. RadisMember1990-05-01
Amy U. HickmanMember2001-10-01
John Terry BadoMember1993-04-01
Dale M. DoriusMember1997-02-01
Carol M. GapenMember1994-04-01
David H. BaumMember1992-04-01
Scott E. MyersMember1993-04-01
Michelle M. HausmannMember2001-10-01
Bryant Whitmire Jr.Member1992-02-01
Hon. David M. GoodingMember2008-10-01
David ColeMember1997-02-01
Susan L. StockhamMember1990-05-01
Diane MichelsenMember1990-05-01
Margret E. SwainMember1995-02-01
Lori SurmayMember2001-01-01
Tara GuttermanMember1995-01-01
Marc D. WidelockMember1990-05-01
Ruth F. ClaiborneMember1998-11-01
Seth A. GrobMember2002-03-01
Karen GreenbergMember1990-05-01
Kathleen Hogan MorrisonMember1992-02-01
Hon. Michael J. HerrodMember1996-10-01
Frederick M. CorleyMember1997-05-01
Lynn BodiMember1997-02-01
Sanford KrigelMember1994-01-01
Donald B. ShererMember2001-02-01
Jeanine CastagnaMember2006-06-01
Martin W. BauerMember1994-10-01
Douglas H. ReinigerMember1990-05-01
Barbara C. JonesMember1993-01-01
Mike YeksavichMember1999-02-01
Wright S. WallingMember1990-05-01
Richard A. HorderMember1993-10-01
Barbara CaseyMember1994-04-01
Noel E. Vargas, Jr.Member1992-10-01
Toby SolomonMember1993-04-01
Kaye H. McLeodMember1990-05-01
Robert D. TukeMember1990-05-01
Monica Farris LinknerMember1994-01-01
L. Dale DoveMember1995-10-01
Dennis E. LindMember1997-11-01
Debbie SpivackMember2008-02-01
Durand CookMember1990-05-01
Stephen LewinMember1990-05-01
Carolyn Mussio McKennaMember1992-02-01
Eric StovallMember2003-02-01
Colleen Marea QuinnMember1995-01-01
Laurie B. GoldheimMember1993-01-01
Samual C. Totaro, Jr.Member1990-05-01
Heidi Bruegel CoxMember1993-04-01
Theresa L. RoetterMember2001-02-01
Dawn CoppockMember1992-04-01
Margaret Cunnane HallMember1995-10-01
Herbert D. FriedmanMember1990-05-01
Susan Garner EisenmanMember1990-05-01
Brinton D. WrightMember1993-10-01
Keith WallaceMember2000-10-01
Jerrold W. HesterMember1992-10-01
Ellen A. YarrellMember1995-01-01
Michael S. GoldsteinMember1990-05-01
Edith H. MorrisMember1992-04-01
Michael R. VoorheesMember2001-11-01
Ellen S. MeyerMember1993-10-01
Amy M SilberbergMember1990-05-012003-10-17
Michael P. BishopMember1998-04-012012-08-01
Linda ZuflachtMember1990-05-012013-01-01
Golda ZimmermanMember1990-05-012013-01-01
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American Academy of Adoption AttorneysParticipates inChildren in Families First


P.O. Box 33053
Washington D.C., District Of Columbia, 20033
United States
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