Intercountry Adoption Congress (IAC)

The Intercountry Adoption Congress was set up in 2001.

It' was announced as International Adoption Congress but became known as  Intercountry Adoption Congress, which was renamed to  International Advocates for Children (IAC) in 2004. Its European branch is now called World Orphan Initiative

Objective IAC:

"Our strategy is to offer the GAIM system to central authorities in every country. Our primary emphasis is on states of origin, so they can more effectively manage their pool of adoptable children and ensure that placement initiatives are safe alternatives to orphanages. Based on the preliminary exchanges between Trans Parent Systems, Inc. and the various national child protection services, we are confident that their system has identified and addressed some of the most pressing issues that face the current adoption industry and is well positioned to make a significant impact on the way children are placed in the future.

We have targeted some of the sending countries whose children are most in need of an adequate adoption management system, including Guatemala, Mexico, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. We are offering, gratis, the GAIM system. While each country would require customization and implementation, our efforts will clearly result in significant savings in software development costs. Ultimately, the IAC can assist in the implementation of ethical and legal intercountry adoption processes in order to reach our ultimate goal of beneficial placement of orphans into adoptive families by way of harmonization of national policies and practices, specifically benefiting governments with limited resources.

 The GAIM system will be given for free to sending countries. Receiving countries can then buy EDOPT (adoption management software). It is not clear, but it looks like databases of children that can be accessed worldwide by adoption agencies (or anyone having this software).

GAIM and eDOPT™ are both designed to unite service providers, expand options for children and families, jumpstart communication between organizations, eliminate borders between jurisdictions, and put the best of technology and decision science together in order to service children in need.


Terminated: 2004-01-01
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Intercountry Adoption Congress (IAC)Renamed intoInternational Advocates for Children (IAC)
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