Focus on Adoption (FOA)

During the "Hague Upheaval" in Guatemala, Hannah Wallace and Rudy Rivera (Vice President) developed the concept of Focus On Adoption™: An Intercountry Advocacy Organization, while organizing with the Association in Defense of Adoption and many other like minded advocates, to preserve and then improve adoption services for Guatemalan children who need families. She sees Guatemala as a beginning in the need to form child welfare coalitions in numerous countries where adoption is no longer an option for hundreds of thousands of children. She believes the entire adoption community needs a resource for educating itself about the issues impacting ICA and needs a center for advocacy to protect children's rights to grow within a family environment.
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Aleda MadisonBoard member2004-01-01
Barbara GreenburgBoard member2004-01-01
Carl HockeBoard member2004-01-01
Carl JenkinsBoard member2004-01-01
Carolyn Callison TiffinTreasurer2004-01-01
Chris HuberBoard member2004-00-00
Cynthia V.N. PeckBoard member2004-01-01
Debbie SpivackBoard member2006-01-01
Donna ClaussBoard member2005-07-01
Hannah WallacePresident2004-01-01
Hannah WallacePresident
Jeannene SmithBoard member2004-01-01
Jeannene SmithTreasurer2004-01-012008-01-31
Jessie Baeza-GarciaBoard member2004-01-01
Kelly CaldwellParticipates in
Kevin KreutnerBoard member2004-01-01
Lauren ClearyBoard member2004-01-01
Lynne JacobsBoard member2004-01-01
Margaret OrrSecretary2004-01-01
Rodolfo Rivera (aka Rudy Rivera)Vice President2004-01-01
Tom DiFilipoBoard member2005-07-012006-12-31
Traci KohlerBoard member2006-01-01
Traci OrrTreasurer2008-01-01
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Focus on Adoption (FOA)Sponsor ofWorld Initiative for Orphans (WIO)2007-00-00
Focus on Adoption (FOA)Member ofJoint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS)2008-02-01
Focus on Adoption (FOA)Part ofLobby to keep Guatemala open
Focus on Adoption (FOA)Cooperates withAsociación Defensores de la Adopción(ADA)2005-01-01
Focus on Adoption (FOA)Sponsor of2005 2nd World Conference on Children without Parents


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