Biological Mother of Two in Child Abuse Case Speaks Out

Date: 2013-10-18

A one-on-one interview with a biological mother of two, Francis Arriaga Thursday night.

Arriaga tells us that her kids were fostered for a year and a half, and then adopted by the Dixons for four years before their arrest.

She says that she had an abusive relationship with their dad which is my Child Protective Services got involved in the first place.

Arriaga says she is grateful for what they did then, but now she is raising serious questions about CPS.

When the Dixons were in the adoption process, she tells us that she fought hard to get her kids back.

She says she even speculated abuse back then and reported this.

The Dixons were arrested October 2nd for injury to a child.

Officials say they had 10 adopted kids, and now all 10 kids have been removed from the home.

Her frustration is that if they would have listened then, all of this could have been prevented.


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