Lita Morgan

Adopted at age two, by Christine Morgan and her now deceased husband, Lita Morgan was systematically abused at the hands of her adoptive mother. She was forced to drink bleach from a cloth used to clean toilets and her head was held under the bath water until she couldn’t breathe. Christine Morgan also threatened to kill her adopted daughter, hit her on a regular basis, kept the girl locked in her room and dressed her in dirty clothes.
Date: 2012-10-31
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Non-lethal physical abuse, Non-lethal neglect, Non-lethal deprivation
Abuser: Adoptive mother


Romsey, Hampshire
United Kingdom
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Widow, 61, forced child to drink bleach from a dirty cloth used to clean toilets during decade of abuse2012-10-31
'She would grab me around the throat and tell me to die'2013-10-13


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