Dylan Farrow

Adopted by Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, Dylan was allegedly sexually abused at the hands of her adoptive father. Charges were eventually dropped to spare Dylan (at the time 7 years old) to testify in court. Woody Allen later started a relationship with Soon-Yi Previn, another adopted child of Mia Farrow.
Date: 1992-01-01
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Sexual abuse
Abuser: Adoptive father


New York, New York
United States
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Perverted protection, in Adoptionland

If this horrible meg-adoption story involved two average middle-class individuals, I would hope the adoptive father WOULD have been charged - and convicted - for a crime against a child.

However, all too often, those who have celebrity status, big money, or strong influence on others are given allowances and freedoms few can claim for themselves.  Where else, (other than within the Catholic Church) can adults who  neglect and abuse the children in their care...AND adopt because they need "a special project" go unreported to the proper authorities?  Where else can special favors, like over-looked perversions, be granted, even when the perversities will have a strong negative on the well-being of children?

While this case is considered "old news", the favoritism and protection given to certain adopters is both classic and current.  Such realities in Adoptionland sicken me.

It is my strong belief Mia Farrow should never have been allowed to become a mega-adopter.  And yet, for some reason, she was granted the adoption-option over and over again.  Why?  Because adoption makes a good headline?   I'd like to know what adoption agency she used.  (Surely this poor placement decision was not the first, or last.)  

Woody Allen

Perhaps even worse, 'Woody' is:
alleged to have sexually abused his 7 year old daughter,
did have a sexual relationship with his 19ish yr old virtual step daughter (Soon-Yi Previn would have been about 7 when Woody began dating Mia), when he was 56....
and yet
Woody was allowed to adopt 2 children with new wife Soon-Yi!

Per Wikipedia:
Previn and Allen have two adopted daughters, Bechet Dumaine (born c. 1999, China) and Manzie Tio (born 2000, Texas).

One Asian daughter and one Texan daughter...... like Soon-Yi and Dylan? I sure hope Soon-Yi has kept them safe,

I don't know when they adopted, but Soon-Yi would have been about 28 in 2000. I thought 30 was a the cut off for China adoption?

When rules don't apply

When it comes to celebrity adoptions, it's clear:  written rules/laws do not apply.  [Remember the mother of all questionable adoptions, as exampled by Madonna in Malawi?]

Everything about Woody, as an AP, repulses me.  His ability to do as HE wants, and manipulate others, is an abomination.  [His need for multiple-therapists comes as no surprise... and yet he was still seen "fit" to parent children with special needs?  Really?  Who made that brilliant decision?  (Nice work, authorities working for the child placement system!)]

 I think his sister explained it best, when describing what happens when the private life/marriage of a person with money AND celebrity gets broken and dirty:

‘The charges will never go forward. Woody will be cleared of all that, he’ll see his kids, they’ll come to some settlement,” says Letty Aronson, Woody Allen’s sister, who categorically denies that Woody was ever in therapy for inappropriate behavior toward Dylan, or that he ever favored Dylan over Satchel. “He’ll be the giant in the industry he is,” she continues, “and she’ll be exactly what she is—in my opinion, Woody notwithstanding—a second-rate actress, a bad mother, a completely dishonest person, and someone who is operating completely out of vindictiveness.” 

[From:  Mia Farrow and Woody Allen story, 1992

Isn't it amazing how much damage an untouchable Giant ("in the Industry") can create?

Who can blame his adopted children for removing his image from family photos?  I can only imagine the disgust this particular daughter must feel each time his name and image appear on the Big Screen.  No victim of child molestation should ever have to endure the glorification of his/her abuser.



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