Assunta's murder, over inheritance millions?

Date: 2013-09-26

The mystery surrounding the death of little Assunta Basterra, a girl of 12 who was adopted by a couple of Santiago 11 years ago. Her parents, Alfonso Basterra and Charo Porto, renowned journalist and lawyer have been arrested. A large inheritance of the maternal grandparents could be behind this crime.

The murder of the girl Assunta Basterra remains shrouded in mystery . Adopted when she was just 1 year, the small Chinese national was found dead on a forest path near Santiago, just five kilometers from the family estate of Teo. Her parents, Alfonso Bilbao Basterra journalist and renowned lawyer Charo Porto , are now the prime suspects in a crime which motive could be economical, according to major police investigations.

As set La Voz de Galicia , the researchers are trying to determine whether the girl was the heiress of the important assets that were the maternal grandparents of the child. According to this hypothesis, the lawyer Santiagués Francisco Porto Mella and his wife, university professor María del Socorro Ortega Romero, have left his estate to his granddaughter. At the age of 88, the former, died suddenly at his home in July last year, and his wife died in the same house seven months earlier. The two deaths caused a stir in Santiago because they were well known and did not suffer serious ailments.

The inheritance that would have gone to the small Assunta included properties in Santiago, Vilanova de Arosa Montouto house (Teo), not far from the Pista de Feros where the corpse of the little one was found.

Now researchers attempt to determine to what degree each of the parents might be involved in this crime that has shocked society.


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