TBA's China Program

Date: 1999-10-10

We are very excited about our China Program! As of April 1, 1999, adoptive parents over the age of 30, with or without children currently, will be eligible to adopt a non special needs child from China. Special needs children can be adopted by request. Adoptive parents under the age of 30 are no longer eligible to adopt from China. Currently it is taking approximately 7-9 months for referral and another 6-8 weeks for travel. Patty McLaughlin, China Program Director, has two daughters from China (as well as two biological sons), and has long had a heart for this nation. She is happy to answer any questions/concerns from prospective families and encourages those interested in adopting a child from China to give her a call at 727-538-8660, or email her at mikeymclaughlin @ msn.com


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