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Founded: 2011-01-01
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Heather Elyse aka Heather Savage aka Heather SittonFounder ofHaiti2011-01-01
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Giving Hope Rescue Mission orphanageFacilitatesMLJ Adoptions, Inc.Haiti2013-04-00
Giving Hope Rescue Mission orphanageFacilitatesVoice of the Orphan (VOTO)Haiti2013-04-00
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Montrouis, Ouest

Major concerns about Heather Elyse and Giving Hope Rescue Missio

In possibly the worst case of deception in recent memory in Haitian adoption, Heather Elyse and her partner agency "voice of the orphan" run by a personal injury lawyer named Tim Rowe out of Indianapolis, have spent the last 2+ years matching families to unadoptable children.

While a handful of the children in her care in Haiti have been adopted, the rest appear to have been matched without any intent for adoption completion.
Additionally there is evidence of birthparent coercion.

A group of families are finally breaking the barrier of silence and threats (Tim Rowe threatens to take legal action against what he calls "defamation") and are advocating that Heather Elyse be removed, the children and their origins be evaluated, and only if in their best interest (NOT defined by Heather Elyse) children's adoptions be finalized by an outside party.

Additionally the group calls for financial accountability, a financial audit of all fundraising arms of Giving Hope Rescue Mission (Room for Grace, The Landon Project, Justice Rescue Project, etc) and the removal of the Haitian creche director.

Please please pass along this warning to your readers.

Thanks for the heads up

Thank you for the heads up ~ and Thank you for standing up to the apparent corruption in this particular Haiti creche

We share your concerns about Heather Elyse aka Heather Savage , VOTO, Tim Rowe and others and have tried to begin documenting their connections.

We hope to add more to our archives here, if you have any newspaper articles, court documents, tax returns, letters or related documents you would like us to share please let us know.

It is sad when people manipulate children for their own wealth or self-aggrandizement , even worse when done under a banner of religion.

Proof that VOTO/Tim Rowe was not a licensed adoption agency

Please take a look at the tab on the website entitled VOTO/GHRM. You will see that Tim Rowe was issuing adoption contracts and Heather Elyse was touting VOTO as a "licensed adoption agency" (the two are the incorporators of Voice of the Orphan) for a full year and half or more before they obtained a license from Indiana. Tim Rowe was attempting to complete adoptions simply using his law license as a personal injury lawyer. Not even an experience adoption lawyer... There is evidence on that tab but additionally we have a statement from the Indiana state licensing bureau that might be helpful to post here. Email and we can provide it.

We support the truth

Tim Rowe is a man with great integrity that has a passion for God’s deeds. He is committed and working closely and really hard with the incumbent families. He is not working anymore with Heather Elyse.
We absolutely believe that as many other people involved in this process, he has been a victim of deception and manipulation.

Defamation and Persecution

Tim Rowe is an honorable person, an excellent lawyer and an exemplary Christian like any other. The evil penetrated in some people’s heart involved in the adoption process and they have tried to damage his reputation, honor and integrity. He is being persecuted, threatened, deceived and defamed but God's grace is greater. Jesus talked about this in John 15:20, Remember the words I spoke to you: “No servant is greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also”.
We pray for him and we know that God is in control of everything and the evil won’t ever win battle. God bless him and keep him always. We love him and stand by him.

Actually nobody has focused

Actually nobody has focused on Tim Rowe but rather had brought light to Heather Elyse. It's a fact that Tim Rowe is associated with this situation as Heather and he worked closely together with VOTO and GHRM. It's truly sad that so many have been negatively affected by Heather, perhaps even Tim. Tim knows the truth about this situation, including the lies adoptive parents were told. As an honorable Christian man as you claim he is, should he not speak out about such corruption? I firmly stand for truth as should he.

Really? Tim Rowe's a victim?

As an adoptive parent in the middle of this chaos created by one of the organizations that Tim Rowe was a founder of, I want to believe that Tim is the honorable person and exemplary Christian you state he is but it's hard to think he's not involved when he continues to communicate directly with Heather by forwarding emails he is sent by adoptive parents desperate for help from the deception they got from Heather. WHY would he continue to trust her or use her after all the evidence has been presented.

You state, "He is being persecuted, threatened, deceived and defamed but God's grace is greater."

He is persecuted? For MONTHS, parents and even staff emailed him with their concerns and they got NOTHING in response OR they were told they were WRONG. He NEVER asked for evidence or attempted to check on or verify the evidence being presented. He's a lawyer, you would think he would know to do that but he chose not to for a very, very long time while parents continued to suffer. He ALLOWED Heather Elyse to continue to represent his name and reputation, by his choice, by continuing to defend her and allow her to remain in control and power long after he was aware of proven deception and fraud on her part. What has he done to those families by continuing to protect Heather and why has he chosen to fight against some of the families who spoke up first, in essence, persecuting them for coming forward with the truth and exposing the lies that he still refused to try to find the truth on himself?

He has been threatened with lawsuits and with public statements against him because instead of helping families in need he simply states he can't or he just sends the information on to Heather so that she can then threaten and harass these already taken advantage of families. He states there is nothing he can do yet, he is a lawyer and he has evidence of fraud and he will not make her do the right thing or step away.

Please explain to me how Tim Rowe is being deceived by adoptive parents who have been BEGGING for his help and cooperation? What is there to deceive him about?

Defamed? Where is Tim Rowe's public statement against Heather Elyse and FOR all these families he says he so desperately cares about and wants to help. If he would just step up and speak out against her then people might actually consider that he's not just helping her or covering up for her but until he's willing to do that there will be a conceived notion that he is complacent, he has allowed her to be a position of power to take advantage of others and allowed her to use his reputation and name in order to do that. That's on him, not on the adoptive parents that have had to seek help elsewhere because he won't step up.


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