We are thrilled to meet you!! [blog post]

Date: 2010-11-11

Thursday, November 11, 2010
We are thrilled to meet you!!
Posted by GAP-Haiti Mission News Blog at 9:58 PM

I am beyond excited that this is our first official posting on the GAP BLOG site. WOO HOO!! :) When Steve gave me my "job description" and I saw that I was in charge of updating the blog from time to time, I was thrilled. I want to start by introducing myself and my family.

Who are WE??? I was born in Santa Barbara, California to my parents Ken & Lauren Savage who are ministers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was originally Heather Savage but due to a fun story for another time, I go by the last name Elyse. My father planted over 40 churches in Mexico and various countries. He graduated from ORU with his doctorate in church planting, and is passionate about missions. He holds many Pastor's conferences in India, Bulgaria, Romania etc and I have had the opportunity of traveling with him to several countries while growing up. I have a twin brother who also is a Pastor, and I have a sister who has been a missionary to Peru. So YES MISSIONS is in my blood!! :) I am a very happy young single woman who has legally adopted seven children and welcome more!! :) Yes, you read that correctly... SEVEN adopted children!! Have I lost my mind.. you ask??? Yes, absolutely... I choose to die to myself daily, live the "not normal" life, and have learned what it means to truly be crucified with Christ!! :) I am head over heels in love with my best friend who happens to open blind eyes and through him we can move mountains. I am passionate about the orphans of America. I just don't want to be a hearer of God's word but a doer. I took the scripture James 1:27 literally. People ask me all the time, why I would adopt so many at such a young age. My answer is simply...How Could I Not? The majority of my children have all graced the papers nationally, due to their horrific physical and sexual abuse. I have changed all their names due to privacy and I have literally seen miracles happen in my home. I have seen God take ashes and turn them into beauty. I have seen him take what was broken and restore it. Our story is a story of forgiveness, restoration, and How God still HEALS today! I am honored to serve Haiti and the John 15:16 G.A.P ministry. If there is anything I can do for you or you would like to plan a trip to Haiti, please feel free to contact me. We have some really exciting fundraisers that will be happening in the next month, that I will be announcing to you in my future blogs. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you as well! Feel free to leave me comments, or send us an email.

Let me introduce you to my heart beats, baseball team, choir, mini missionaries, aka children:
Mackenzie age 14
Victoria age 13
Annelysia age 10
My twins: Camden & Madison age 9
Ariana age 8
Mr. Alexander ~ age 5

My Contact info:
Email: heatherelyse7@gmail.com
Phone: 918.633.5820

Your Illustration for the week:

A young girl was walking along the beach early one morning. The tide was receding, leaving numerous starfish stranded on the beach. The girl began picking them up and tossing them back into the water.

Engrossed in her task, she didn't notice the crusty old fisherman sitting quietly watching her. He startled her with a gruff, "What are you doing?" to which she smiled and enthusiastically replied, "I'm saving the starfish."

He laughed at her and launched into a scoffing ridicule. "Look ahead of you down the beach," he said, pointing to the seemingly endless expanse of sand and surf. "There are thousands of starfish washed up on this beach. You can't hope to save them all. You're just wasting your time. What you're doing doesn't matter," he exclaimed in a dismissive tone.

The girl stopped, momentarily pondering his words. Then she picked up a starfish and threw it far into the water. She stood straight and looked him in the eye. "It matters to that one," she said, and continued down the beach.

Your scripture: Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

Prayer: Dear God, we humbly come to you and ask that you would help us draw closer and more intimate with you. Help us put you first in all that we do. May we be a reflection of your heart. May we be your eyes, voice, hands, and feet to everyone we come into contact with. We lift up our executive director Steve Mossburg and Project Help-Haiti. We pray for all the Haitian staff and all the missionaries that are in Haiti right now. We pray for a hedge of protection over their lives. Keep them safe and healthy. Protect them as they travel to and from Haiti. Be with their families while they are away. We lift up cross cultural ministries, be with Don Dennison as he leads, guides and sets the captives free. Give him favor, guidance and your divine wisdom. Be with Joy Reeves as her husband is away. Give her strength and grace to raise her children. May you continue to Bless their ministry. May everything that they touch prosper. I lift up the Snyder family to you God. I pray that you would supply all their needs according to your riches and glory. I lift up the board of directors for G.A.P ministries. Be with them this holiday season. Speak to their hearts, protect, give them guidance, and overwhelm them with your magnificent goodness. We give you our lives God. We know it is not about us, but all about you. Mold us into your image.


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