Boy from Mali in care of Cheryl Carter-Shotts

Cheryl Carter-Shotts and Charlie Shotts fostered a boy from Mali who was disrupted after 4 years. He came to the US on humanitarian parole. (Shotts eventually adopted daughter, came to the USA on a "student visa")
This boy was named Mohammed (their 2nd son with the same name). He was with the Shotts for 4 years, placed in a group home, and later adopted by another woman.

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Date: 2000-01-01

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Indianapolis, Indiana
United States
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This is Cheryl Carter-Shotts. My husband and I did not adopt the boy named Mohammed - the 2nd Malian child with that 1st name. He came to the US on a humanitarian parole visa in 1987, my husband and I were his foster parents - he got into trouble with the law as a young teenager, spent 2 years in a group home and was then adopted by a single mother. This young man is now in his late 20's.


Thanks for your reply, our information came from the Indy Star article

The Shottses also took in another Malian boy -- also named Mohammed -- for about four years, but moved him to a group home when they were unable to overcome his defiant behavior. He was later adopted by a Crawfordsville woman.

"He was a difficult child," Carter-Shotts recalled glumly. "We had him in counseling, tutoring, public school, private school. Nothing seemed to work."


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