Any one else see this, from The Blind Side?

Today I read an article featuring yet another Reality Show that will help promote the adoption agenda.  Yay...because we don't have enough shows that exploit the unfortunate and the ignorant.

Personally, I am against any program that promotes the breaking of families, all so an adoption plan can become a reality.

I do, however, strongly support programs that promote the helping and mentoring of others, all without some sort of trade-agreement.

And so I must voice my POV regarding the Blind Side Amother's mission, a la adoption advocating "reality" TV.... a genre that is as far from reality as Pluto (remember that planet?) is from earth.

According to Leigh Anne Tuohy, she states, “If every faith-based organization would be responsible for placing one child in a loving home, then that would wipe out the need for foster care, and then we can work on the kids that are on the street, because these kids are on the street through a cycle that was by no choosing of their own.”

Yea... if only every faith-based organization were responsible and caring when it comes to the care of women and children. [That WOULD be heaven-on-earth, wouldn't it?]

<crickets chirping>

News flash Leigh-Ann, quality foster care IS needed.  Without it, where would the rejected and abused children from failed disrupted adoptions go?  

What should become of the adoptee sent away by it's "forever" parents?  Should they continue to get pipe-lined into unchecked and unmonitored Underground Networks?

OK... given all I know about many faith-based organizations, and what they have done to women and children... in the name of God and discipline, throughout history, I may have an issue or two with her blind faith-based belief.  But hey, that's me, and my opinion, based on what faith-based organizations have done to me and others touched by the history of child placement, and "charities" active in lucrative private adoption programs/organizations.

If ever the phrase "The Blind Side" is being used effectively, it's when it is being used to describe faith-based adoption programs, and the people who swear by them. 


What alarms me most  about this new show and pitch, which is almost certain to be an instant the little "gift" Tuohy plans to give those looking into adoption, based on her experience:

“You name it, we've been offered it, and we've turned them all down because that's not who we are, but this show actually just enhances our platform and our message because there are great people trying to adopt kids,” Tuohy said. “They don't know how to get through the red tape. There could be one snafu keeping it from happening, and we are taking one family at a time and we are trying to make a difference.”

[From:  'Blind Side' mom turns spotlight on foster care and adoption with new reality TV show , May 27, 2013 ]

Yes, there ARE great people who want to adopt.   There are also very unstable scary people looking to collect/abuse children, as well.  Some of the scariest abusive APs happen to follow fundamental religious beliefs.  Just sayin...Tuohy, and media promoters.  BTW, ya'll just might want to review the Fundamental faith - Abuse case list before praising ALL faith-based placements

Here's what viewers and readers need to ask before watching this promoted commercial-interest: when the Blind Side mother claimed she is going to teach others how to get-through red-tape, is that Positive Adoption Language for "circumvent required laws"  ?

You know, I am among the first to say people entering adoption DO need a strong dose of reality... but I think those lessons are best-learned from those who have faced the dirty ugly aftermath that often comes AFTER the adoption... AFTER the cameras and the social workers and adoption promoters have taken their permanent leave.


Excellent points

Excellent points:

- NO show should promote less laws to protect children

- IF faith groups, churches, etc protected and helped the needy...then women would not have to relinquish children in the first place. AMEN!!!!!!

Helping the needy

IF faith groups, churches, etc protected and helped the needy...then women would not have to relinquish children in the first place. AMEN!!!!!!


However, we cannot forget there are mothers of children who DO NOT want help, or their children.  This is a very sad and disturbing adoptees one day MUST face.

This topic needs to be addressed with sensitivity, and not with a linear sense of religious mission.


I believe I should contact the production company behind this televised crusade, and share my own concerns, based on my own relgious-based adoption experiment.

There's a BUT....

I admit, my own history has made me very insecure and not confident.  I think victims of profound neglect and abuse can understand and appreciate what I mean when I say, I can bark, but I'm afraid to bite.... I just can't do it. 

So I ask... any suggestions on how to protest such a seemingly blind-sighted pro-adoption show, without appearing anti-adoption?

What's so very odd about

What's so very odd about this is that if you read "The Blind Side" (it differs substantially and significantly from the movie adaptation) is that the Tuohys weren't at all prosethesizing or going around convincing folks to "save" orphans or care about the so called "adoption crisis". They brought Michael into their home WELL before he was a football star (or showed any interest in becoming one) -- and towards the end of the book they expressed a desire to help more kids like Michael, but NOT by adopting them. Leigh Anne talked about wanting to set up a building to give disadvantaged kids the support they needed to succeed academically (eg extra tutoring, help w/homework, etc)

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