Arrest hints 'Baby Black Market'

By Arthur Kranish
The Deseret News
October 16, 1953

Washington (INS) - Capital police dug deeper Friday to determine whether the arresst of a 41-year-old platinum blonde has uncovered a possible nation-wide "Baby black market."

A little black book taken from the suspect is said to contain about 80 names of perons in cities a far apart as Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Bar Harbor, Me.

The blonde, Mrs. Reva Walker of suburban College Park, Md., is in the District of Columbia Jail with bond set at $2,000. She is charged with violating the district's baby brokarage law.

Authorities said a warrant also as been issued for Charles E. Lawrenson, 29, of the same College Park address as Mrs. Walker.

The case came to light when an unidentified mother appealed to assistant corporation counsel Clark King with a charge that Mrs. Walker and two men, one of them an unnamed New York lawyer, has offered her hospital expenses and $400 in cash for her eight-month-old daughter.

The mother reported that the baby wa delivered to the trio, but said she never received the cash payment. Police said the have received other reports that the child was sold to a New York woman for $1,500.

King stated that the persons listed in the "little black book" will be contacted to determine whether they are involved in any way in the alleged crime. There ewere indications that D.C. officials plan to consult with the FBI and New York State authorities in an attempt to develop the case.

the list of names is said to include those of socialites, industrialists and gambling figures. Thei addresses range from Providence, R.I., to Tulsa, Okla.: Bowling Green, Ky and Long Island, N.Y. Policie have out none of the names.


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