Alberta gave approval to 75 p.c. of baby adoption applications

Date: 1948-05-11

Edmonton, May 12 (CP)

Of applications to adopt Alberta babies filed by residents of foreign countries, 75 percent were given "rubber stamps of approval" before the adopting parents came here or were interviewed, the royal commission investigating child welfare practices in the province were informed Tuesday.

A witnees, David Jones, said he and Mrs. Cameron Parker of Toronto, a child welfare expert, has studied the records of 241 adoptions. In each the child had left Canada to love elsewhere.

Mr Jones - lawyer for the Imperial Order, Daughters of the Empire - testified that babies from Alberta have been adopted by residents of 24 of the 48 United states, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Alaska.

Chief Justice W.R. Howson of the supreme court of Alberta heads the commission, the sequel to a survey made to the I.O.D.E. by Dr. Charlotte Whitton, Ottawa welfare authority.

Departmental files coevering 40 of the 241 "foreign" adoptions had been tampered with, Mr. Jones testified: 23 files indicated adoptions were effected exclusively by correspondence.

The question of income suitable for parents who adopt children arose after mr. Jones said one file showed the parents concerned had an income of only $2,400 a year "and yet were given two children.

Chief Justice Howson and Judge E.B. Feir, a commission member, entered the discussion.

The chief justice asked whether Mr. Jones meant that persons not earning more than $2,00 a year ought to be prevented from adopting "although they could have 22 natural children if they wanted."

Mr. Jones replied he felt there should have been more study in the cae.

Judge Feir said it was reasonable to require investigation, the point appeared to be that in New York $200 might pay for only one bedroom or a "walk-up flat with cold water."

Mr. Jones replied "two" when aked by Chief Justice Howson how many children he had.

When the chief justice commented ""Then you must be earning more than $2,400 a year." The witness said that did not follow.


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