Legislation and child protection services will be modified, re MMFPS start


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Legislation and child protection services will be modified, re MMFPS start 20.05.2011 Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection (MMFPS) announced the start of the project "Improving organizational effectiveness of the child protection system in Romania", financed by the Ministry of Interior, Directorate for Administrative Capacity Development, European Social Fund, Operational Programme Administrative Capacity Development 2007-2013.

The project will run for two years and will be implemented in partnership with Sera Romania. NGO president, Bogdan Simion said Friday AFP that the next two years will the whole legal framework of child protection, including general directorates for social assistance and child protection and social public services (SPAS) in cities and towns will be reassessed in terms of the Law 272/2004 on the rights of the child, but also administratively and financially. Bogdan Simion said that Law 272, which came into force in 2005, it was not until now never reevaluated to see if it needs improvements.

Depending on the results obtained in the project will make proposals for amendments. In turn, the president of Romania Sera said that in addition to the core team that will coordinate the project, there will be regional teams for seven months, they do field evaluations, including the services offered by private providers.

According MMFPS general objective of the project is to provide structure and process improvements needed to increase organizational effectiveness of the child protection system in Romania, taking into account restructuring DGASPCs of counties and districts of Bucharest, to ensure coherent and effective organization of their structure, development and institutional strengthening SPAS and social structures equivalent common public services improve the quality of the two structures and improving human resources management, standardization activities of staff and establishing appropriate performance indicators the institutions and services DGASPC and SPAS.

Specific targets for process improvements aimed at improving and completing the adoption, implementation monitoring and evaluation of decisions relating to child protection, improvement and completion of the procedures and mechanisms for cooperation and collaboration between DGASPC and SPAS, as well as the coordination of the activities SPAS in the county of DGASPC, training, development and expansion of centralized monitoring of resources and activities of the child protection system and improve the effectiveness of the activities of social service providers, creating a competitive system based on efficient use of resources.

(source: mediafax )

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