Bartender !?!

Because there's a time to laugh just as much as a time to cry... after all, life can't always be so serious, can it?



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Do-gooders can become the worst cheats KerryArticle64510 years 4 weeks ago210 years 4 weeks ago
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If they could.. tinaBlog entry95810 years 8 weeks ago310 years 8 weeks ago
The Madonna-Horde Syndrome Strikes AGAIN! neophyteArticle138310 years 15 weeks ago410 years 10 weeks ago
kerry for you tinaBlog entry55510 years 10 weeks ago110 years 10 weeks ago
My favorite scene ever NielsDiscussion131210 years 12 weeks ago110 years 12 weeks ago
Don't Make Me Laugh SimonArticle118710 years 12 weeks ago210 years 12 weeks ago
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