Chasing Away The Shadows

Susan Mello Souza "Author of The Same Smile" (Acushnet, MA USA) Whether adoption is part of your life or not, you truly will not want to miss out on this newest adoption book, "Chasing Away the Shadows - An Adoptee's Journey to Motherhood," by Zara Phillips. Zara and I had corresponded for a couple of months before I had the privilege of meeting her at November's CUB retreat in Monterey, CA. In this writer's opinion, Zara is articulate, smart, and very well spoken, possessing all the qualities needed to be a successfull writer/speaker. Having had the opportunity to be the first test-reader for Zara's manuscript, I knew then, when I simply could not put it down it was going to be a great book - a must read, in fact. It is an honest and compelling account of the struggles one encountrs in living the life of an adoptee. Zara was born (1964) and raised in England. I so enjoyed reading and "hearing" her lovely English accent gently carressing the words upon the pages of her story, as only a "Proper English" lady can do. Zara's willingness to share the story of her troubled past so honestly and openly is a tribute to her fine, upstanding character. This outstanding book is most certainly worth the read. To learn more about Zara, please go to her website -


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