60 Minutes: Lost and Found

Lesley Stahl On Efforts To Place Foster Children Back With Their Families

Some good comments in response to the show, below the article. But as adoptees, maybe you can expose some of your own issues -- sealed records, totally legally cut off from natural families (and relatives), etc.

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finding the lost connection

Mary... do you belong to any local Natural Mom Support Groups?  If not, do you KNOW of any that are local to the Northern NJ/ Eastern PA area?  There are no Adoptee groups for me to attend, to which my former-therapist suggested since I am a RN, I start one.  <sputtering cocktail from my mouth from choking irony>

Obviously, the man is NOT a Pound Pup, because if he were, he would never suggest I start something I would have to Leave.

In-person group

Hi Kerry,

There is a group in Morristown---they meet once a month.  I will find out details for you---haven't been there myself but am thinking of going in Jan. 

There are no natural mom or other in-person adoption groups near me that I know of.  The idea of starting one actually occured to me as well.  These groups are usually mixed----some fine education for all----in the hearing of others' experiences. 

In person support group

I don't know, my experience with in person support groups is you have to start at the beginning again, no adoption isn't always good.  blah blah.  I find much more comfort on line

Close up & in person

You are probably right, Joy, but I think I might check this one out (I'm a curious one). 

Starting at the beginning does sound daunting... yes.

I will consider your words, and keep my expectations checked.

common bomb

I don't know what it is about me, but...  intellectually, I know why I NEED to find others like me, -- it's so I can discuss a topic and not dread (and get) the deer-in-headlights look when I say something like, "this is about Us, not Them".   However, the truth is, I would far rather spend hours alone on a computer and pour my living soul onto a  screen (as I pour another vino into my glass and down my throat...) than MEET with someone and discuss the same thing, face-to-face. 

I think it's because I hate to be interrupted by anyone, (especially if it's finally MY Time to talk! )  

How is it possible to be so self-centered and needy, yet removed and grossly intimate with strangers, and still be so mute and strange among "family and friends"?  Don't know... it's a Gift, I suppose.  I just wish it was easier to Want to be around people more, and Need the isolation I seek much less that I typically do.

In person support group

Oh, I am not trying to discourage anyone, I just didn't get anything out of the meetings when I tried.

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