A Warm Blanket

I typically wake at 5am to work on the website, reading, writing and editing - before the brood wakes needing breakfast. This morning was no different, only, I fell asleep after posting this morning's poll question.
I woke to the sight of my youngest daughter toting a very large fuzzy blanket.  She was placing it on top of me.  I smiled a sleepy smile.  She said, "You looked cold"
She was right.  I was freezing, but too tired to care.  I let her put it on me, then I invited her inside the covers so we could "sleep".  Thirty seconds later she announced she was hungry.  Of course!  It was her loving warmth and concern that made my morning so warm and cozy.
It amazes me, constantly, of all the people in my life, who takes the time to show me how much they really care how I'm feeling.
I didn't have chilldren because I wanted them to care for me; I had children because God allowed me to get pregnant.
I was blessed, and still am to know: I am loved by my family.
I never knew that feeling ("feeling" loved and needed) until my children got old enough to show me in their own little ways how each loves and needs me.  Why did it take so long?  Simple, as kids get older, and make their own friends, they meet other moms.  They may really like these other moms, and want to stay with them for a while.  BUT, the simple truth is, deep in the heart of every child, there is one simple truth:  good or bad,  we all have only ONE Mom.

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