Duma demands SC initiate investigation into the killing of Maxim Kuzmin

Date: 2013-02-19
Source: izvestia.ru

Killed in U.S. 3-year-old boy was adopted in the same orphanage where taken away and Dima Yakovlev

Murder of Russian orphans Maxim Kuzmin made Russian deputies to return to the question of a thorough investigation by security forces Russia crimes against foreign nationals adopted children. As told to "News" head of the Duma Committee on Family Elena Mizulina, the Investigative Committee should ensure that those responsible for the death of the boy are punished.

- I will address a request directly to the TFR of a criminal investigation into the death of a child from Russia - said Mizulina.

According to her, what is going on with Russian children in the United States - is to check for compliance with the statements of the American side that they are friendly to the children that every child - is the primary value.

- Americans need to admit representatives of the Russian Consulate and Russian law enforcement agencies and provide them with all the information. If they do not, then it is only the chatter from the Americans and big politics. None of the Russians should be no doubt about the fate of American adoptions of Russian children. Hence, properly terminated the institution of adoption, - said the deputy.

Murder of a U.S. citizen of Russian orphans Maxim Kuzmin will be the main topic of discussion at the Government Hour in the State Duma. Head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin and Prosecutor General Yury Chaika made ​​a report on February 20 before the deputies.

- I think it would be correct if Bastrykin told MPs about how the U.S. side goes towards Russia during the investigation of criminal cases filed by investigators in connection with the murder of Russian children. Do the American authorities with the investigation? Are Americans to objectively impartial review of such cases? It is important to understand that. Something has changed in recent months - said the "Izvestia", the first deputy chairman of the Committee on Family, Women and Children Olga Batalin.

As it turned out, killed three Maxim Kuzmin was adopted in the same orphanage that died in 2008 Dima Yakovlev. Biennial Maxim couples from Texas named Shatto gave the same officials as Dima.

- Maxim Kuzmin did have our students in the past year has been adopted in the U.S.. Then there was no law prohibiting adoptions abroad. Has not been six months since the shipment, so the first reporting from there we did not. Further clarification on the situation I can not, - commented the head physician Pechora orphanage Natalia Vishnevskaya.

One of the first to the tragedy that happened in Texas, reacted Ombudsman for Children Pavel Astakhov, who immediately sent his request to the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Investigative Committee to pay attention to this case.

- Alexander Bastrykin has already informed me that his officials began to check the results of which can be prosecuted for the murder of a child - said "Izvestiya" Pavel Astakhov. - In addition, I went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a request to provide an objective investigation and informed the Russian side on the American investigation. As far as I know, this agency is now preparing its own statement.

At the same time send a working group to Texas to monitor the proceedings of the American, according to human rights activist, will be meaningless.

Ombudsman for Children said that Russia plans to not only pay close attention to this particular crime of American adoptive parents, but also to develop a system that will help prevent the recurrence of such tragedies.

- In the future, we need to find an effective mechanism to monitor the living conditions of Russian orphans adopted by Americans. Unfortunately, governments often do not provide us with this information, so such monitoring of the system we are working together with the American defenders - said the Ombudsman.

February 20, Pavel Astakhov plans to discuss the development of this system as a whole, and the particular case of the death of three Russians in a meeting with the president of the American Union of professionals against the ill-treatment of children by Ronald Hughes.

Recall, this evening the Russian Embassy in the United States became aware of the fact that in mid-January in Texas foster mother was killed by Russian Maxim Kuzmin orphan who is adopted by the Americans. In this case, the U.S. State Department told the Russian side of the incident. According to investigators, the boy died, without waiting for an ambulance. At the conclusion of Pathologists, the child had numerous injuries, which caused death.

Maxim Kuzmin was adopted by U.S. citizens from the children's home in the town of Pechora region of Pskov. In the same facility was brought up an orphan Dima Yakovlev, who was killed in 2008 by adoptive parents-Americans. In the course of further investigation in the adoption process found


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