Concern Deaf adoption?

I am adoptive and Deaf. Honest with you, I never though that what I want to help or share my experience about Deaf adoption-hood. But I feel right time for me so I think any adoptive parents who have Deaf kids and who struggle, problem communicate, and etc. I would more happy to help you if you want to know about Deaf, Deaf culture, and resources. Please feel free to ask me question. Blessing to YOU!!



Hi Mateo... I was just reading you blog linked in your User profile.  Congratulations on your accomplishments and mission you have chosen for yourself.

I noticed a little history was offered in your bio-page:

A native of Bogota, Colombia, Mateo was born Deaf to hearing parents, a result of his mother having had the German measles. At the age of 13 months, a hearing couple from Minnesota adopted Mateo and raised him in Minnesota

To your knowledge, are your birth-parents still living, have you met them, and do you think being deaf "caused" your adoption, in the first-place?

What are your thoughts on being deaf and adopted?

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