Terry Achane

Terry Achane and his wife Tira Bland, conceived a daughter in 2011. At the time the couple was living apart (she in Texas, he in South Carolina) due to work obligations. Tira Bland put up the child for adoption at birth, without informing Achane.

In November 2012, a judge ruled the girl should be returned to her father.
Date: 2012-12-03
Organizations involved: The Adoption Center of Choice
Persons involved: Larry S Jenkins


Provo, Utah
United States
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Lorraine Dusky Over at First

Lorraine Dusky

Over at First Mother Forum we did a blog with more details of the story. Maybe Utah is turning around...but it will be like a battleship turning around. Slow and difficult

The battle goes on

Hold on to your your hope-candles... change will not happen as long as infamous Utah adoption lawyer  Larry Jenkins is around.

According to latest reports:

"They believe the district court made some fundamental errors in its decision and they will raise those with the appropriate appellate court. Yes, they will appeal," their lawyer Larry Jenkins told ABC News.com.

[From:  Judge Orders Adopted Baby Returned to Father, Couple Plans to Appeal Ruling, December 4, 2012 ]



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