Pakistan - Dennis and Concetta Charles case

Concetta and Dennis Charles (a Malta citizen born in Pakistan) purchased babies from poor families in Pakistan to sell to families in Malta under guise of adoption.  Seven people were arrested including Dennis' brother Derrick Charles. Estimates vary between 39 and 100 children.

Charles had a registered charity in Karachi  called New United Christian Foundation (or United Christian Foundation), however the children were kept in 1 room with an old mattress on the floor.
Dennis had already been arrested in 1997 for smuggling babies.
Date: 2002-03-01
Number of children: 100


Organizations: United Christian Foundation, New United Christian Foundation


Persons: Dennis Charles, Concetta Charles, Derrick Charles (Dennis' brother), Joyce (Dennis' mother), Samina and Iftekhar, Joseph Aziz, Shabbir Shafqat


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