Girls adopted by Joyce Maynard

2 girls from Ethiopia adopted by Joyce Maynard  in 2010 were disrupted and placed with a new family 14 months later.
Date: 2011-04-01


Mill Valley, California
United States
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These children were taken from California and dumped in the middle of Wyoming. The real tragedy here is that no one has investigated to find out if they are in a safe environment. Ms. Maynard even admits that she has no contact and no knowedge of their well being. These girls have disappeared into the vast sea of American indifference about unprotected children.

The "no contact" AP

...I suppose we're still supposed to see her as a heroic yet "very human" adoptive mother, aren't we?

Funny how when a birth-parent abandons his/her child, that parent is seen and vilified as a Dead Beat mom or dad.  But when an adoptive parent does the same exact thing, that parent wants empathy, claiming he/she was a poor unsuspecting victim, somehow.

If APs want to be seen as "regular, ordinary" parents, worthy of genuine respect, they need to stop acting like abusive, negligent, self-centered child-dumping deadbeats; the sort of deadbeat parents that want sympathy and acceptance for failing the children they claimed to have wanted, so very much.

What type of person abandons the children he/she HAD to have, and instantly "fell-in-love with" the second he or she set eyes on them?

(BTW, for all those adoption agencies out-there:  maybe, JUST MAYBE, single-parent PAPs aged 55 and older shouldn't be so readily approved to adopt more than one child.   After all, in no way, shape, or form is dumping and losing all contact with the adopted children put in their care "in a child's best interest"!)

do we know?

Do we know there was no homestudy or ICPC or Pre/Post placements in this case?

Children need ICPC to cross state lines, presumably an approved homestudy and if there is an adoption, there would be some home visits or whatever Wyoming law requires.

From what I've read it was a 2 parent family in Wyoming with several children, including 2 others from Ethiopia. I don't know anymore than that.

I was assuming she had done this properly, maybe you have information that she didn't?


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