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Date: 2008-04-21

How does Anita do it?

With six children, a military husband who is almost always gone, a family who lives overseas and her work, Anita gets this question all the time.

The answer is straightforward. Anita has found ways to tap into her inner self and to balance her life, with determination, energy, love for family, faith, and lots of humor.
But, Anita didn’t start out pursuing her goals. There was a time when the house, her children, the constant changes of military life, and her ability to manage simple tasks, seemed overwhelming: she was depressed dealing with an eating disorder and panic attacks. Then one day she made a conscious decision to truly look inside herself and change. The result? A balanced and fulfilled life, energy and a desire to help others. Anita understands how tough it can be to make changes. She has learned not to judge others, and tries to bring compassion and insight to everything she does.

Who is Anita?
Born and raised in Rome, Italy to a cosmopolitan, European family, Anita moved to the United State to study dance at Alvin Ailey Dance School in Manhattan and attended Columbia University majoring in English. After college, Anita worked as an Investment Banking Analyst for Credit Suisse First Boston in New York City.

Anita met her husband on a trip to London. It was love at first sight and they got married shortly after. He is a pilot with the United States Air Force and they are the proud parents of six children, five girls and a little boy they adopted from Ethiopia, ranging in ages from 7 years old to newborn. Anita loves to be part of a big family and is also very close to her family in Italy.

Anita was also a Yoga and fitness and exercise instructor. She is an avid reader and writer and is always on the move.

What does Anita do?
Anita is a journalist, radio host, syndicated columnist, life coach and founder of the web-site She is a truly international mom, writing, speaking and helping women across the United States, Australia and Italy.

Anita speaks, motivates, and inspires women through radio, television, print and live events. She syndicates a weekly column, “Out of the Blue” through countless magazines and newspapers reaching over 8 million readers. Anita loves media but also the one-on-one deep connection with her clients: she loves to help people achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Anita’s work
Anita is a sought after speaker and media personality. She has been a guest and mom expert for countless media outlets, including NPR and the very popular Italian talk show "Stella" with Maurizio Costanzo, one of the most influential television personalities in Europe, and dozens of television and radio stations in the United States. Whether in print, on television, radio, or in person, Anita is known to tackle complex issues with simplicity and honesty and always a sense of humor.

Anita has written for numerous national and regional publications on parenting, adoption, life changes, children, family, religion, inspiration, motivation, military life and several other topics. Anita has been the editor of the parenting publication On the Coast. Her work has appeared in Yoga Journal, Homestyle Magazine, NPR, On the Coast Magazine, Hot Mom’s Club, Club Mom, Disney Moms, Family Groove, International Family Magazine, The Pensacola News Journal, MOAA Magazine, Military Money, Tallahassee Magazine, Bay Life Magazine, the Northwest Florida Daily News, the San Antonio Express News, Military Spouse Magazine, The Panama City News Herald, Emerald Coast Magazine and numerous others.

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