Boys adopted by Leslie Tiesler and Brad Thill

Three adopted boys were starved, shot with a BB gun, beaten with a spoon, and confined to a tool chest for days with only a pipe for fresh air. Thills adopted 4 boys in 2008, Leslie had a bio son. They divorced in 2010, but Leslie Tiesler continued to live in Brad Thill's house while he was overseas defense contractor. Tiesler, the non-adopted son and one of the adopted boys participated in the abuse. Tiesler claimed the boys were homeschooled. Forty-fve days after removal from the home, the 3 abused boys had gained 27, 20 and 10 pounds.
Date: 2012-05-01
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Non-lethal physical abuse, Non-lethal deprivation
Abuser: Adoptive mother, Adopted sibling, Non-adopted sibling, Undetermined
Home schooling: yes


Cameron, North Carolina
United States
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Attorney: Kids lied about being locked in tool box2012-12-05
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Father arrested, accused of not reporting alleged child abuse2012-10-23
Cameron woman accused of starving, beating her children2012-10-23
Police: Cameron woman starved, beat three of her five children2012-10-22
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I think you are acting too fast on judging her,wait on the truth and all the facts,yes even truth about her fat ex husband.Why did CPS come first May 4 2012, then again May 5th,SAW ALL BOYS,yet did not remove the 3 till May 21,if they was in such harm CPS SHOULD OF REMOVED THEM.the first day,second,she was NEVER ever liscened by the STATE of North Carolina,


When it comes to our abuse case section we present the facts as they are exposed in news paper articles and court documents (if those are at our disposal). When this case goes to court, the responsible parties will be judged by a jury of their peers. Those facts we will present as well, to give as complete an account of this case as possible.

Mother is evil

The father had no knowledge of the abuse since he was overseas (fighting for his country).and when he got home and saw his kids very malnourished he noticed and did what he thought was best in that moment and fed them. With his ex-wife and his other two kids telling lies/cover ups it would have been hard to figure out something so sinister was happening to his three kids.i belive he is innocent and the sole person responsible for the childrens pain is their cold hearted monster "mother". I think you didnt think too fast about the mother, with all the facts present it all says she is the cold hearted monster we all thought she was/is. Sure he had suspicions he could have acted on but how could he have known his sons where beaten,starved,and locked away! Seriously it would of been so hard to believe. Think about it! I think he is innocent and deserves to be released from his ridiculious charges, i feel sympathy for him, having his family stripped from him all because his crazy monster ex-wife is very unfair!!


Brad Thill was far from a monster and they didnt remove the kids when they showed up because there was not any abuse at that time. Brad had just returned. Had he not have been there it would have went a lot differently. Anyways, Brad has regained custody of the kids and has moved and now they are loved by many and will never endure another second of mistreatment.


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