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Miscellaneous articles from Egypt of child trafficking for adoption. Both domestically (within Egypt) and internationally

There is also several articles on PPL which are not listed below. They involve a scheme to place children from a Coptic Christian orphanage with Egypt-American Christians in exchange for a 'donation'. Birth certificates were forged to imply the adoptive parents gave birth in Egypt so they could get an visa from the US embassy to return to the US with the children.

Egypt to try U.S. couple, Egyptians over adoption
Egypt court jails U.S. couples over illegal adoptions
Two U.S. Women Arrested, Charged With Child Trafficking In Egypt
Let Christians adopt, Egypt baby trial lawyer says
US couples charged with baby buying
Date: 2009-01-01
Number of children:


Organizations: a Coptic Christian orphanage


Persons: Doctors and Nurses at a Cairo Hospital


DocumentDatesort icon
Egypt police bust trafficking ring selling babies for $550 each2012-11-11
Egypt police bust baby trafficking ring2012-11-11
Egypt 'baby trafficking ring' broken up in Cairo2012-11-11
Couple jailed abroad for child trafficking back home2012-05-16


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