Taylor County: Girl removed from home after abuse allegations

Date: 2012-05-30
Source: WRBL 3

Published: May 30, 2012
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A Taylor County girl has been removed from her home; after allegations surfaced that she was locked in a shed in her own back yard.

According to the Taylor County Sheriff Jeff Watson, the case began late last week.

The Sheriff said they were alerted through the county's Department of Children and Family Services, or DFACS, which received an anonymous call on their tip line.

According to Watson, the caller told the department, a 15-year-old girl was being kept in a backyard shed, under a padlock.

That same day a Sheriff’s deputy along with a DFAC's agent visited the girl's home. Watson said as result of that visit, the girl was removed and taken into the care of the state

News 3 visited the Taylor County neighborhood where neighbors confirmed the 15-year-old girl lived with her adoptive parents.

Several people said they are shocked to hear that one of their own may be involved in a potential child abuse case.

David Spillers said he has lived in the Taylor County neighborhood since 1974.

"It’s always been a good neighborhood. I’ve raised up a lot of kids, most of the old ones are all gone now. And I reckon I’m one of the oldest ones that's out here now," said Spillers.

He lives just a few houses down from the home of the alleged victim. He said he hadn't heard of any abuse until the story began to circulate around town.

"I said I don't know but I’ll find out, so I went to checking around and found out that it was right here in our neighborhood. It kind of shocked me," added Spillers.

He added that most people know each other in the neighborhood; but that family kept to themselves. He said that he often used to see the entire family working in the backyard --- but never saw anything that raised suspicion.

He said, "Heartbreaking that a young girl that age has to go through something like this. We hear of it every day, but when it's close to home it hurts more."

News 3 also spoke to another neighbor, who wishes to remain un-named. She expressed her anger about the allegations and assured us that they were un-true. At this time, no charges have been filed against the girl's parents.

According to officials, the Department of Family and Children Services had a hearing Tuesday to determine if the girl could be placed in 72 hour foster care. The results of that hearing have not been released, but News 3 has been told the girl is not back at home.


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