Coroner: Lexington child died from 'ingestion of vinegar'

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Date: 2012-02-10
Source: WKYT

A Lexington child's death is now being investigated as a homicide after the coroner determined he died of "ingestion of vinegar."

"I've been the coroner since January of 2003 and I've never had a case where a person has died of ingesting vinegar," explains Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn.

According to a report released late Friday by the Fayette County Coroner's Office, five-year-old Joseph Maoping Adams died on December 3, 2011. "Because of the amount because of it being lethal then it is our manner of death and ruling on this is homicide."

The boy was taken from his home on Woodlawn Way to the emergency room at the University of Kentucky Hospital where he was pronounced dead. "We know that this is not a natural death, it's not a suicidal death, it's not an accidental death because the child did not drink on his own accord."

Lexington Police say it was the parents who made the child drink the vinegar. "There was a lot of vinegar and because of the amount that would make the ingestion of it lethal."

Lexington Police, who are also investigating the case, say the child was suffering medical conditions before ingesting the vinegar.

According to the website WebMD, vinegar has been used purposes other than as a condiment or cooking ingredient. "It's also an ancient folk remedy, touted to relieve just about any ailment you can think of," according to the site.

The site also says some types of vinegar have been singled out as a health tonic. "Some small studies have hinted that apple cider vinegar could help with several conditions, such as diabetes and obesity", according to WebMD.


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